Our Mission

We find that attention to detail, quality and an exceptional value lead many to see the benefits of commissioning a custom garment made to order. Whether it is a shirt, trouser, sweater, sport coat, suit, tuxedo or topcoat, our range of fabrics, options, and knowledge will help guide you through the process resulting in your unique garment.

Our in house custom program offers options for both gentlemen and ladies.

Ask about our made to order, made to measure, and bespoke offerings.

Creating memories one step at a time

Let us tailor the moments that take your breath away, the memories that you’ll remember. We pride ourselves on offering custom garments made worldwide, with the widest selection of fabrics offering options for any occasion and price range



It cannot be overstated just how important choosing the right fabric is to your garments. Obviously you have to enjoy how it looks but more importantly how it will feel and provide you serviceability over the life of the garment.

Discussing what seasons the garment will be used, what type of events, how often you will wear the garments, and other considerations are key to making sure it looks and feels great for years to come.



The individual features of any garments can not only change the aesthetic but also its functionality. During the design phase, we will continue our conversation that we started during the fabric phase to incorporate necessary style and functional features to make the garment the perfect fit for your occasion and lifestyle.



Having a well fitted garment is many times the reason people don’t enjoy wearing certain types of clothes. In the fabric and design phase we make sure that the options are curated to you, in the fitting phase we dial in how the garment will actual sit on your body.

Depending on fabric, design and type of custom you are commissioning, we will then take a wide array of body and garment measurements to ensure we arrive at the desired fit for the garment.



Once the garment has been completed it is then time to have final fitting to assess the overall fit of the garment. At this stage any small alterations are completed if necessary. Any changes will be noted and compiled into your client profile and stored for future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of garments can be made custom?

We specialize in tailored garments which include trousers, shirts, sport-coats, suits, formal wear, and outerwear. We also provide custom options for ties, pocket squares, cummerbunds, polos, and sweaters.

How much does custom cost?

With so many options and types of garments it is hard to generalize cost. That having been said, our opening suit range starts at $995, shirts at $215, and trousers at $275. We recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation where we can more thoroughly discuss your needs and provide you with a quote.

How long does it take to get a custom garment back?

Like cost of garments, this question is a bit difficult to answer. It depends on fabric sourcing, production facility, type of garment, and time of the year. Roughly, expect 4-6 weeks for custom suits, tuxedos and trousers. Shirts take a little less time. If you have a specific date when it is needed, and it is sooner than our normal estimated delivery times, please contact us and we can explore other options on a case by case basis.

Are alterations included with a custom garment?

General alterations are included with all custom garments. Examples would be reducing trouser or jacket waist, sleeve length, trouser length, etc. If the wearers body has changed significantly enough to warrant more in depth alterations we assess these on a case by case basis. When making custom garments, we are measuring to fit your body figuration at that specific time. If you plan on loosing or gaining significant weight or  muscle mass during production time we always will recommend that you wait until you reach your desired size. Contact us to discuss your specific situation and we will be glad to make recommendations that best fit your needs.

What's the difference between "Made to Measure", "Made to Order" and "Bespoke" clothing?

Our Made to Order program allows you to choose your own fabrics, liners, buttons, and style features of the garments but does not include customized sizing. We will have you try on garments in our house sizing and choose the correct size. Made to order is the least costly of the three options.

Made to Measure, our most popular option, includes all the same options as made to order but includes customized garment sizing. With this option, we will take all the necessary measurements to provide you with the style and fit you are wanting. Made to measure is our mid tier garment option from quality and cost.

Bespoke garments are the pinnacle of mens tailoring. With bespoke, you will experience a more in depth measuring and fitting process as well as any one of a kind features that may or may not be available on other custom garments. Bespoke starts with measurements, then a pattern of the garment is drafted from scratch with your specific measures and body figurations accounted for. This style of garment making has multiple fittings included a basted fitting, forward fitting, fin-bar-fin fitting, and then the final fitting and delivery of the garment. This process takes much more time for the client and tailor.